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Our 4-Step Development Plan

1. Consultation

The first step is getting into our offices and meeting the design team. Here we discuss every aspect of the application in-depth to fully understand the problem your app is trying to solve. Once we understand the basics of how the app operates we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of how the application works. This is a collaborative process which involves planning the user experience on our whiteboards which will form the initial wire-frame for your application.

2. Prototype (MVP)

Once we have a firm understanding of how your application operates, we can start the development of an MVP. The MVP forms the foundation of the application which can be added to at a later date. The MVP allows startups to test their ideas and get some feedback without spending too much initially. It serves as a proof of concept to validates the product. User data provides valuable feedback on how the application could be improved and optimized for phase 2 of development.

3. Investment

Once your application is being used by people and you have some analytical data showing that the idea is valid, it is time to take the prototype and build it into a finished product. This will require personal or outside investment – but once the MVP is proven to work, there is much smaller risk involved. We work with you to secure funding by producing development roadmaps and directing you toward suitable government grants.

4. Scale

Once funding is secured, we turn the MVP into a production level application. We add any functionality omitted in the MVP and use feedback to improve and optimize the product. Once development is complete, we enter a 2-week beta testing period before launch.

Testing helps polish and perfect the application before launch. The management dashboard forms the center of your operations, allowing you to monitor and control everything that happens inside your application in real-time.